Wednesday, 31 May 2023 

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Future challenges and perspectives for applying microbial biotechnology in sustainable agriculture based on a better understanding of plant-microbiome interactions
Barea, J. M

Enzymes of importance to rhizosphere processes
Gianfreda, L

Ecophysiological role of Embothrium coccineum, a Proteaceae species bearing cluster roots, at increasing Phosphorus availability in its rhizosphere
Delgado, M; Zúñiga-Feest, A; Borie, F

Soil carbon controlled by plant, microorganism and mineralogy interactions
Merino, C; Nannipieri, P; Matus, F

Organic amendments as sustainable tool to recovery fertility in intensive agricultural systems
Scotti, R; Bonanomi, G; Scelza, R; Zoina, A; Rao, M.A

The impact of grassland management on biogeochemical cycles involving carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus
Rumpel, C; Crème, A; Ngo, P.T; Velásquez, G; Mora, M.L; Chabbi, A

Nutrient cycling in the mycorrhizosphere
Azcón-Aguilar, C; Barea, J.M

Availability of Mn, Zn and Fe in the rhizosphere
Rengel, Z

Research Article
Rhizosphere effect on pesticide degradation in biobeds under different hydraulic loads
Diez, M.C; Schalchli, H; Elgueta, S; Salgado, E; Millahueque, N; Rubilar, O; Tortella, G.R; Briceño, G

Biogeochemical processes at soil-root interface
Violante, A; Caporale, A.G

Biotic interactions in the rhizosphere in relation to plant and soil nutrient dynamics
Larsen, J; Jaramillo-López, P; Nájera-Rincon, M; González-Esquivel, C.E

Phosphorus disequilibrium in the tripartite plant-ectomycorrhiza-plant growth promoting rhizobacterial association
Cumming, J.R; Zawaski, C; Desai, S; Collart, F.R

Improving selenium status in plant nutrition and quality
Mora, M.L; Durán, P; Acuña, J; Cartes, P; Demanet, R; Gianfreda, L

Current overview on the study of bacteria in the rhizosphere by modern molecular techniquesa mini‒review
Lagos, L; Maruyama, F; Nannipieri, P; Mora, M.L; Ogram, A; Jorquera, M.A

Rhizosphere-induced heavy metal(loid) transformation in relation to bioavailability and remediation
Seshadri, B; Bolan, N.S; Naidu, R